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tabecatAt Holy Trinity we have a range of online resources available to our children, all accessible via the children’s homepage (Also accessible by clicking the Tabecat link top-right of this site.)

Tabecat is our e-safety mascot who was designed by the pupils. All pupils’ e-mail addresses end in and their homepage at school is
By giving Tabecat such a high profile we are helping our pupils stay e-safe at school and at home.

Team Tabecat members help out with general computing & e-safety tasks around school. All pupils in Key Stage 2 can apply to join.

The Tabecat Award is presented each week to someone who has shone in the field of computing during the previous 7 days.

All the sites below can be accessed with the children’s login and password which should be stuck inside their home-school diary. If it’s not, please contact your child’s class teacher. We hope that before long all children will be able to remember and use their usernames and passwords with ease.


G-Mail (via Google Apps for Education)
Every child has a secure, GMail-based e-mail account.
Their e-mail address is
All e-mails are filtered and pupils can only send & receive e-mails from pupils and staff at Holy Trinity. Years: Foundation to Year 6 (Windows, Mac, iOS & Android)

Bug Club - mq9rBug Club
Bug Club provides online books complete with reading comprehension exercises. All books are at the same level as the pupil’s regular reading book and progress is monitored automatically by class teachers. Years: Foundation to Year 6 (Windows & Mac – requires Flash)

Sumdog is a fun way for children to practice their mental maths. There are real-time competitions and cumulative scores. In addition, Mr. Smith keeps a close check on pupils taking part and regularly awards pupils who have made a great effort. Years: Years 1 to 6 (Windows & Mac – requires Flash. iOS app available)

Education CityEducation City
Due to the cost of licensing Education City is sadly only available during school hours.

Purple MashPurple Mash
Purple Mash is a range of fantastic online activities with a cross-curricular focus. The software is also used in lessons, and is great for playing/creating games and helping with homework. Years: Years 1 to 6 (Windows & Mac – requires Flash)

SearchSafe Search
On there is a link to filtered search engine Kidrex which is based on Google search and has all available filters turned up fully. This is the route we make sure the children use at school. Although no search can be 100% safe this is as near as it gets!

Makewaves is a secure social network and blogging platform for school-aged children. Content can only be seen by other pupils at Holy Trinity and must all be approved by a member of staff first. Access to Makewaves is rolled out when it becomes a curriculum focus as e-safety training is provided in advance.

Crystal is a range of Computing-related activities which will be rolled out to all pupils when the relevant subjects become a curriculum focus.
Years: Years 1 to 6 (Windows & Mac – requires Flash)

driveGoogle Drive (via Google Apps for Education)
As part of the each pupil’s secure e-mail account they also have access to Google Drive. This allows them to create word, excel and powerpoint-style documents online and share/e-mail them to their teachers. It also allows them to upload files they have created at home or school for access anywhere.
Years: Foundation to Year 6 (Windows, Mac, iOS & Android)

There is also a links page which is regularly updated and provides children with quick access to a range of websites we find useful at school. If there is a link that you think might be useful please let us know and we’ll put it on the links page.

Should you have any difficulties accessing any of the above sites please let your child’s class teacher know and they will get a message to the member of staff who deals with the site in question. We hope that your children (and you!) will enjoy using these resources but they are subject to responsible usage and any pupils misusing them will be prevented from accessing them for an appropriate period of time.

We would also like to draw your attention to the following pages on the website:

Helping Your Child – – This is full of resources to help you help your children including documents outlining how we teach mathematics, transition guidance and Letters & Sounds soundclips recorded by Mrs Gladen!

Software Downloads – – Links to free software that we use at school, including free Office software that is compatible with Microsoft Office.
All software suggestions are used in school and by school staff, but we are unable to offer a support service should you choose to install them.

Stay Up To Date – – You can subscribe to receive real-time text updates or daily e-mail updates for free via our website. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and add our online Calendar to your GMail account.

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