Last Day For Christmas Card Orders!

HTPS ChristmasA quick reminder that all Christmas Card orders need to be returned to school, with payment, by the end of today.

Also, don’t forget that this Friday is PTFA Bring-a-Bottle Non-Uniform Day!

The PTFA will set up a collection point during school drop off time on Friday  29th November so you can safely hand over your contribution. The PTFA have made the following suggestions: Wine, Spirits, Beer, Bubble bath, Fizzy drinks, Soft drinks, Toiletries, Chutney, Jam, Pickles etc.

Please do not send children to school with donations such as alcoholic drinks or anything in glass containers – this would present a significant health and safety risk to our children and  school. If you are sending in alcohol or donations in a glass container please bring it in yourself. 

Thank you in advance for your co-operation!

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