A Message From Mr. Smith – 30th January 2014

Dear Parents, Children and Friends,

I feel privileged to have seen some excellent work over the last few weeks and I have been particularly impressed with the skills and sophistication large numbers of our children are demonstrating in Computing. The quality of the work is stunning. Even some of our youngest children who, at times, we tend to underestimate, are able to demonstrate exceptionally good skill levels in a number of aspects of computing. This year, having the right resources and specialist teaching has made a real difference. Similar to the way in which Sport and PE has emerged as one of our strengths, Computing has become a big part of life at Holy Trinity.

At this point I would like to pay tribute to the PTFA and the way in which they have financially supported Computing and IT at Holy Trinity. Thank you PTFA, we couldn’t do our job without you!

I must mention Minecraft. Mr Handy and I have been so impressed with the way in which MinecraftEdu has inspired our children and the way it has prompted children to work so sensibly together. Although it is seen as a computer game, Minecraft has really shown how well our children can work together. As a parent I am often concerned about the amount of time our children spend with ‘technology’, but of all the software and activities I have seen, Minecraft (in creative mode) is by far the best.


Miss Presland has been away for the last week. However, we do not want anyone to worry or panic, she is well, but her doctors would like her to rest for a couple of weeks. Miss Presland’s maternity leave has not started yet, but this break has given Mrs Day a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with the ‘Paddington Bears’ before she takes over when Miss Presland’s maternity leave officially starts.

Finally, a plea from the School Office. Please could Parents and Carers try to ensure that dinner money is paid promptly. We do not like ‘chasing’ our families for payment, but some families have very substantial debts and if these debts aren’t paid our children then lose out because the school has to use it’s funds to cover the debt.

Thank you for your on-going support.

Jon Smith (Headteacher)

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