Safer Internet Day 2014 – Choosing Safe Websites


At school we provide the children with the opportunity to experiment with social networks via highly secure sites such as and the forthcoming My Tabecat. These allow the children to use the internet safely. There are also many useful and safe links that can be accessed via – the children’s homepage at school whenever they go on the internet at school.

Social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and communication tools such as What’sApp and BBM are mainly aimed at adults or teens. Lying about their age in order to register for such sites can open children to inappropriate adverts and/or friends requests. Although it is up to parents to police their children’s use of social media out of school, we do not recommend that any of our children use any social network other than the secure ones offered by us until they are of the correct age for them.

Even social networks aimed at children such as Moshi Monsters can have potential for danger if used improperly. It is suggested by e-safety experts that parents regularly discuss with children their use of social media and check on privacy settings.

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