Safer Internet Day 2014 – Who Is Tabecat?

tabecat3dTabecat is Holy Trinity’s e-safety mascot and was designed & named followed a competition entered by our pupils.

Tabecat is everywhere – on posters around school, on the school laptops and iPads, and a central part to life at Holy Trinity.: The weekly computing award is called ‘The Tabecat Award’; The pupil homepage is; Pupil e-mail addresses end in; Our digital leaders are called “Team Tabecat”.

E-safety is taught on its own for a week each half term and is reinforced during lessons across the curriculum on a daily basis. Each message is framed by reference to Tabecat, and each time Tabecat is seen those messages are reinforced.

You can see the 7-point Tabecat poster, which is displayed in every classroom around the school, below. During the day there will be updates on each of these points, highlighting the messages that we give to the children about e-safety and using advice from e-safety experts to provide suggestions on how you as parents can help keep your children safe online.

Tabecat Poster All 2015 Update 620

We also have the very important OK-OFF-TELL posters so that the children know what to do if they see anything online that makes them unhappy.

Tabecat Poster OK OFF TELL 2015 Update 620


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