Safer Internet Day 2014 – Telling A Trusted Adult


The first of Tabecat’s rules is “Tell a trusted adult about anything that makes you feel scared or unhappy online!”

During e-safety lessons we remind the children that the best way to deal with online content that makes them unhappy, be it on a website available generally or in an e-mail, text message or photo meant for them specifically, if to tell a trusted adult as soon as possible so the situation can be sorted out. We also talk about what is meant by a ‘trusted adult’ and how that can mean different things to different children.

We always stress that children are welcome to come to us to if they are feeling unhappy about digital content, but if the problems are happening out of school it is often better to speak to a parent or close relative. It can be useful to have a conversations with children about this so they are clear who they can turn to in times of need.

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