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Dear Parent/Guardian

We currently subscribe to for use in school. It is very popular with the children and we are often asked if it could be available outside of school hours. Unlike other services we subscribe to such as Purple Mash, Bug Club and Sumdog, Education City charge extra for home use, and this has previously made it too costly.

Starting today we have organised a subscription service that would allow use of Education City at home during evenings, weekends and holidays. This subscription is tiered and works as follows:

• March 1st – March 24st: Free access for all pupils across the school.
• March 24st – September 30th: Free access to all pupils whose parents have subscribed.
• September 30th onwards: Access at £2 per pupil per school year.

Without our existing in-school subscription the cost of using Education City at home is £29.95 per pupil, per year – even from September the service is heavily subsidised by school.

Education CityAccess is via the Education City link on the children’s homepage

Unfortunately Education City does not allow us to specify usernames and so their usual ones are not being used. Passwords remain the same however. Username and password slips were sent home with this letter yesterday.

If, having tried out Education City at home, you would be interested in this opportunity, please let us know by completing the slip at the bottom of yesterday’s letter. We will then sign you up for access from March 24th. We will ask you again about the paid subscription in September. If you do not wish to use Education City after March 24th you do not need to do anything.

The login details provided will allow your child to access from any computer (PC or Mac) that has internet access. Should you not have internet access at home, your child will be able to use the facilities at the local library. The need for Flash means that tablets do not work yet, but a new version is being released in September which will allow use of iPads and Android devices.

Should you have any questions regarding, please do not hesitate to ask.

Yours sincerely,

Jon Smith

Head teacher

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