Urgent: Crossing Patrol Under Threat

As reported in our Newsletters and the Halstead Gazette, we are in serious risk of permanently losing the Crossing Patrol Officer on Trinity Road; I am very concerned and I feel that we must make our feelings known to try and stop these short-sighted and potentially disastrous cuts.

Due to a cut in Government funding, Essex County Council must make £235 million in savings. As a result ECC is looking to quote: “rationalise School Crossing Patrol sites where there is a zebra or pelican crossing also in place in addition to a School Crossing Patrol Officer.”

The problem locally and nationally is that, although funding from the Government has been reduced, the population, in Essex in particular, is rising. We have to do everything possible to try and fight these persistent cuts in services, particularly when they effect the most vulnerable in society – our children. In order to try and ensure that we do not lose our Crossing Patrol Officer on Trinity Road we must make our feelings known to Essex County Council. Please make your feelings known (link on our website) by going to: www.essexinsight.org.uk/consultations. If you are unable to complete the online survey please telephone 03330 139836 where someone will complete the survey for you. The deadline for responses to the above consultation will expire tomorrow (Thursday).

Today I have been approached by a member of the Town Council to ascertain whether Holy Trinity Primary School would be prepared to fund, (full or in part) the employment of a Crossing Patrol Officer. I can only therefore assume that the proposed cuts are likely to be approved. To reinforce our view that a Crossing Patrol Officer is essential for our children’s future safety, I have made a formal objection in writing to the Area Councillor Joe Pike (Conservative) regarding the planned proposals. Please add your support to my campaign and make your feelings known by contacting Councillor Joe Pike by email: cllr.joe.pike@essex.gov.uk

I think that you also have a right to know that Essex County Council would make a saving of approximately £5,000 (out of the required saving of £235,000,000) by removing the Crossing Patrol Officer from Trinity Road.

Please respond to the online consultation before the deadline lapses, our children’s safety is at stake.


Jon Smith (Headteacher)


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