A Discovery At Holy Trinity Primary School

2014-06-16 11.04.57Dear Parents/Carers

As I am sure your children will have explained, there has been a rather amazing discovery at Holy Trinity Primary School today.

As soon as the discovery was made the area was cordoned off. After I sent a photograph of our discovery (right) to the National Museum of Strange Objects in London, the Investigator in Chief, Dr Violet Strangeways, dispatched an Investigator to perform a site inspection and then authenticate the discovery.

I am pleased to inform you that the inspection (below) has confirmed that the area and object are 100% safe and pose no threat whatsoever to the public. What still isn’t clear however, is the identity of the object.

Dr Strangeways, from the National Museum of Strange Objects has asked me to ensure that our children remain vigilant and put all their energies into research and investigation in order to help the museum ascertain the origins of this amazing discovery. Therefore, over the next few days, all children at Holy Trinity will be helping the National Museum of Strange Objects resolve some of these unanswered questions.

In the meantime I will ensure that our website is updated regularly to keep everyone fully informed on this developing situation.

Yours sincerely

Jon Smith


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