A Discovery…An Update For Parents

It has come to our attention that whilst the vast majority of the children at school were excited and engaged by this morning’s ‘discovery’ there are some who have been worried by it. We assure you that this afternoon we held an extra whole school assembly where we made it absolutely clear to everyone that the egg was of no danger to anyone, that it was safe to keep in school, and that we would therefore be able to observe it further tomorrow. We apologise if that message did not come through sufficiently and, as planned, in the follow-up assembly in the morning we will place further emphasis on it being of absolutely no danger whatsoever.

During the course of today the children have produced an enormous amount of high quality work, in a variety of forms, related to the egg and it was great to see them so engaged. Such ‘discoveries’ are quite common in primary schools across the country and are a very successful way of promoting problem solving, teamwork, group discussion and PSHE-related topics. This activity is part of our ‘No Problem’ theme this term.

Class teachers will, as ever, be available to speak to parents when school opens in the morning.

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