A Discovery…In Questions & Comments

Here is a selection of questions asked, and comments made, by the pupils after seeing the egg yesterday:

Can we compare it to a normal egg with the “thing” that we have got?

Can we have a massive omelette for lunch tomorrow?

It looks like an alien egg from the planet Vogon.  Vogons come from the 9th planet on the left. They like it to be very quiet when they are hatching out.

Why don’t we get a bunch of apples near the tree dome because the apples on the apple tree was gone which we thought it was the thing that put the egg there, and get a camera and record the whole thing for the rest of the day and night?

We need to know how much this “Thing” weighs and how tall it is.

I think that it came from the house what is next to are school because it was directly next to the fence.

We should put some water and some food in the willow dome see if it has had the food and drunk the water.

We think it might be a phoenix egg. We think this because a phoenix builds its nest out of twigs, likes to be near oak trees, and likes hot weather. It was hot and sunny yesterday and I heard rustling in the dome Saturday afternoon. My friend ted and me think it could be a Dragon as well.

What will happen when the weather changes?

Saturday  was the fete and I was playing on the apparatus and I saw some white slime but I thought it was just bird poo. A few weeks before I saw a massive bird poo on the fence. It was really big so that poo could be done by that creature.



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