The Discovery…In Quotes

There has been a huge buzz around school since the discovery, here are a selection of quotes from the pupils:

I think it’s an egg from a different dimension that had to grow to fit our dimension. – Tom W

I am trying to learn about and research at home about lots of different types of egg. It’s fun doing and looking at all the different things. – Diya P

Quite exciting to see what’s going to happen and what’s inside it. – Chris H

I’m excited because I’ve never seen anything like it before. – Rachel B

When Mr. Handy said it was all safe I was really excited. We tried a race on the computers to see who could find out what it was the quickest. We looked up the world’s biggest egg. It was fun! – Darcy C

It’s been fun doing all the different research. We’ve looked up all different hazard signs for lots of different things. – Oliver H

It’s been scary and fun, especially at the beginning when it was a big mystery. I’ve liked doing the reports and research. – Kasey M

It’s been good and exciting. I’ve liked to do all the research, looking at maps, trying to find where the egg may have come from. – Harry B

The children are now busy speculating about what may be inside the egg, as well has finding out what it feels like, and we’ll publish some of those ideas later in the day.



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