A Discovery…In Theories

Here are a selection of the ideas the children have come up with as to what the egg is:


Aaron thinks it is a bird called a crane because he looked it up on the internet and it looked like our egg that we have and it said it was a crane. Tom thinks it is something never discovered before because it is bigger than any other egg on Earth. Aaron thinks he should put cameras around it so it can be watched 24/7/365. Tom thinks that he should scan the egg with an x-ray machine to see what it is. Aaron knows all week so far it has been spitting rain and cloudy and there are scratch marks on the poles in the basketball pitch. Tom knows all week the egg has covered in unknown white goo. Also an expert with lots of equipment performed various tests on the egg. We will soon find out what the egg is… – Aaron H & Tom K


We think it is an alien but at the same time it could be fake.The reason we think it’s an alien because is it could have fallen from the moon because the moon has 0 gravity so it could have fallen from the sky and landed in our school. It  could also been alien because aliens could be gooey and if it is an alien it won’t survive, but we don’t know if it is. Also, people think it could be a reptile but we don’t think it is. It won’t survive because it needs warmth and it also needs oxygen. If we went to the moon without a space helmet we wouldn’t have any oxygen so at the same time if an alien came here it wouldn’t be able to breath. – Alex S & Diya P

My dad thinks the egg is an Alien.
We think it is a Animal that we haven’t discovered yet like half bird and half reptile.
There has been other eggs that look exactly the same. They normally turn out to be the Elephant Bird.
The Elephant Bird is basically the only thing that it could be if it is a animal because other animals aren’t big enough unless it is an animal we haven’t discovered yet.
Sometimes you never know what might be in a egg that size.
It might not be a egg.
It could be something that has happened in that place in the past and it is not really there like it is a time portal.
maybe it’s the egg off the croods? The croods might be real.
We think we should help the egg hatch if it is safe and if it is an egg.
We should Just leave it alone until it hatches and then help it have a good life.
We should not feel scared about the egg and think of ourselves very lucky to have discovered something because this does not happen every day. – Phoebe W & Brice C
We think It may be a dragon because there are big damages in the school play ground. Also its a very big egg or some thing else.It might be an Alien instead because it has lots of goo and spots all over the egg. I thought it was a Elephant Bird at first but the man said it was a cold blooded animal. It is some thing that has happened before in a another school it likes big fields.
I think we should search the web to see what animal its from and don’t panic leave it alone and don’t touch it. – Millie D & Owen C

We think it is a new creature because the egg is very big, and not a lot of creatures are that big. The egg could be anything but in are opinion we think its new and it would be great if it was! This is a big mystery so if we can solve and find out its a new creature we could be famous. We should set up some cameras to monitor the creature and see what happens.In case it hatches,and if it does we could get to it straight away.The cameras would be very helpful and really easy to see what the egg/thing is doing. – Ellie A & Perry H

William says there is a chance that it could be a dragon egg. Bence says it could just have been planted by someone from public because it looks a little fake but we don’t know for sure. Later today we might find out what it is when the inspector comes in from the museum. The egg won’t hatch any time soon.. at least that is what the inspector said and found out with his gadgets. It definitely is going to be something bigger than the actual egg so therefore, it will be pretty big because animals turn out bigger than the size of the egg like the chicken. It could be an alien capsule or pod or just an alien egg because it looks a little bit like alien eggs in films. It could be a mutated, overgrown chicken. Deadly spider…i hope it is not one though. It could be clone eggs and but it also could be something like a dragon or a alien that can shape shift. – Bence S & William M
 Well I think we should put it through a M.R.I scanner to see what is inside it, like they did with the Egyptian mummies. – Stephanie T
I wonder when it will hatch, we might be making all this fuss over nothing! – Rosie D


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