Headlice – June 2014

headliceI understand that there has been another outbreak of headlice. We do our absolute best to contact parents and carers to keep them informed about outbreaks of headlice but we cannot resolve this problem without co-operation from home.

Firstly, children should not have time off school due to headlice but when children come home with headlice parents must make sure their children’s hair and scalp are free from eggs and lice by treating them immediately. Rinsing with a low cost hair conditioner and thorough combing (bug buster comb) is the best way to treat headlice.

I am often approached by parents who are frustrated that despite treating their children’s hair and removing headlice, they are returning to school and catching headlice yet again from children who have returned to school with untreated headlice.

This may be stating the obvious but if your children have headlice – please deal with it – it is irresponsible to ignore it! Please check your children’s hair regularly and if you notice them scratching their scalp it’s likely that they need treatment.

I apologise for my slightly frustrated tone, but like scores of Parents and Carers who do deal with the headlice problem, I would like all our families to take headlice seriously.

Many thanks, Mr Smith

Link to previous headlice reminders.

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