Swiss Flags By Class HR – Created In Logo

To create the Swiss flags below the Y4 children in Class HR had to:

  • Write a command line containing a repeat function to create the Swiss cross. This was done using Purple Mash’s logo software. They then had to export the image to a folder on the server.
  • Open the image in Paint.NET and colourize it using the global and contiguous types of fill tool. Resave the image.
  • Open the image in Irfanview and crop it to the shape of the flag. Resave the image.
  • Import the finished flag into the office software of their choice and write a brief overview of what they had done.

By the time they had finished the Y5s had returned from swimming and so they took on the role of teacher and, in pairs and small groups, taught their classmates how to complete the task.

I was so impressed with how the children completed a pretty complex task, how the Y4s took on the role of teacher, and how well the Y5s responded to the Y4s help and worked really hard for them!

Below is a gallery showing their finished flags.

(Please note, this was a Computing rather than Literacy lesson. The fact that Switzerland/Swiss has a capital letter was mentioned in the summing up session and should not detract from the excellent Computing work completed!)

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