Crystal Logo Creations By Classes HR, JS & LW

admin@Holytrinityhalstead.com_20140701_121931_027The children in Class HR, JS & LW were set a challenge this week – to create a recognisable image using Crystal Logo – some succeeded and others made some fantastic patterns. Overall they produced some great work. This was a much harder activity than it sounds because, although the Crystal Logo interface is user-friendly (as can be seen in some of the gallery images below), the children had to program the commands in such a way so that the entire image was drawn in one go. For example, for Diya’s hands (right) she programmed a ‘routine’ so one hand would be drawn in its entirety and then set it to repeat twice, moving with the pen up at the half way point. After setting up the command lines she clicked ‘Run’, sat back and watched the software draw the two hands. It’s also worth remembering that each change of direction requires a directional command expressed as an angle, and some of the children used colour commands too.

We will be following up this work next week, using this ‘free play’ session as the basis for a more specific tasks.


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