As the school year ends we will be saying goodbye to two members of staff and welcoming two new teachers. 

Miss Salisbury is leaving after 12 months at Holy Trinity covering for Miss McCullough’s period of maternity leave. Miss Salisbury has established a fabulous relationship with her Year 3/4 Class and has worked hard to make sure that the children in her care have experienced a fun-filled and productive year. We wish Miss Salisbury every success in her future endeavours.

Miss Love, after 13 years at Holy Trinity, has found, in her own words, her “Dream Job” – she will become a Storyteller and Librarian at a school in Braintree. Miss Love is a committed and loyal member of our team and she has helped literally hundreds of children in her tenure at Holy Trinity. I would like to thank Miss Love for her contribution to life at Holy Trinity – we will miss her and of course, her fabulous stories! 

Miss McCullough has just returned from her period of maternity leave, she has already met her new class and she is really looking forward to the new year. Miss McCullough will be joined in her classroom by Mrs Thomson. Mrs Thomson, who has been working as part of our SEN team for a number of years, will be starting teacher training in September. Mrs Thomson will be mentored and guided by Miss McCullough in her training year.

As I am sure you know, Mrs Rayner is expecting a new addition to her family, so she will, at some point in the Autumn Term, begin a period of maternity leave. In order to plan for this change we have appointed a new teacher, Mr Stephen Burnup. Mr Burnup will take over from Mrs Rayner when her period of maternity begins. Mr Burnup is a very experienced teacher and he is looking forward to joining our team and working with your children, he will stay with the class until Mrs Rayner returns, possibly at the start of the Summer Term. 

In Year 1 Mrs Gladen will be sharing a class with Mrs Flaherty. Mrs Flaherty has really enjoyed working at Holy Trinity this year and she is a super addition to our team.

Best wishes, 

Jon Smith (Headteacher)

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