A Message From Mr Smith

Dear Parents/Carers,

It has been a wonderful, but very eventful year at Holy Trinity! At least life is never dull in our corner of Halstead!

Today we bid farewell to our brilliant Year 6’s. It has been a pleasure to work with them over the last seven years. They have had a huge impact on our lives and from a personal perspective, I consider myself to privileged to have seen their growth and progress since 2007. I would also like to pay a tribute to the Parents who have left us this year – thank you for all your support and for taking a chance on Holy Trinity!

We had a great time today; assembly, BBQ , Beach Party, ‘It’s A Knockout’ and an impromptu water fight! After school today I sat with Miss Warren, Mrs Sibley, Mrs Ridgwell, Mrs Hood and Mr Wiskin and we all felt that it is one of the most enjoyable days we have ever had. Good luck Year 6 – you’re ready for the next step and I know that you’ll continue to make us very proud.

At the other end of their school career are our little ‘Hedgehogs’ – they have grown up so much in their first year at school and I particularly enjoyed our ‘Frozen’ sing song yesterday! The Hedgehogs amaze me with the maturity and kindness; they have really embraced Holy Trinity expectations. We are exceptionally proud of you.

In every class this year there have been so many success stories; children are making great progress and day in, day out, behaviour around the school is absolutely impeccable. The whole world seems to be so critical of children and young people today, bemoaning a lack of discipline and manners; this is not what I see at Holy Trinity. For example, this week, I received so many positive reports from our Parent Volunteers who helped on the trip to the Discovery Centre; everyone commented on their superb manners and impeccable behaviour… I would like to thank all our children for their enthusiasm, wonderful behaviour and desire to engage wholeheartedly in school life.

Finally, on behalf of all the staff I would like to thank all our Parents and families for their kind words and positive feedback over the last few weeks. We have been inundated with positive comments and messages of support; it means so much to us to know that you understand that we want to make learning exciting and inspiring, and that sometimes in order to do this you need to think ‘outside the box.’ The comments in today’s ‘Halstead Gazette’ letters page, the cards and notes we have received, inspire to keep working for you and your wonderful children. There is no greater compliment than to be entrusted with your children and it’s a responsibility that we take very seriously. We will continue to work ‘outside the box’ and we’re in the process of planning more exciting ‘events’ for next year! Watch this space.

Have a fabulous break; enjoy time with your children. We look forward to seeing you again when school re-opens on 4th September.

Best wishes

Jon Smith (Headteacher)

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