Attendance Matters

100penOver the last 6 months I have had several meetings with the Local Education Welfare Officer. Although our overall attendance is improving, there are some issues around persistent absence.

The Government has taken a very clear line on school attendance and more families are being prosecuted than ever before for failing to ensure that their children attend school regularly. By being absent for just a few days each term it is very easy for a child’s absence to dip below the national expectation (95%) threshold:

10 days absence = 95% attendance
19 days absence = 90% attendance
29 days absence = 85% attendance
38 days absence = 80% attendance
47 days absence = 75% attendance

If a child, on average misses one day per week of school (80% attendance) they effectively miss out on more than a whole year of their education. Sadly, we have a number of children who often miss one day per week – usually a monday or friday.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us improve school attendance at Holy Trinity, we are on the right track but need to sustain this improvement to ensure the best possible school experience for our children.

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