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Please put your name in your children's uniform...Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution to our Harvest Festival collection. All the donations will go the Halstead Foodbank later this week.

Please note that Friday 24th October is a Non-Pupil Day. School will re-open again after the half term break on Monday 3rd November.

Please make sure that all items of school uniform are clearly labelled with your son/daughter’s full name. It becomes almost impossible to re-unite owners with their belongings if they are not named.

Please remember that the school site is a non-smoking site and that this includes E-cigarettes.

If your children bring their bicycle, skateboard or scooter to school please ensure that they do not ride the bike/scooter around school; they must dismount at the school gates.

If you have asked to volunteer as a class helper and are yet to receive a reply please don’t panic, we will get round to contacting you. We have a backlog of requests and are working our way through the paperwork! Our apologies for the delay!

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