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School Crossing PatrolOn several occasions I have warned Parents/Carers about the ‘blind spot’ on the junction of Chapel Hill and Windmill Road. This traffic issue is made even more dangerous by cars parked on the brow of the hill. We feel that control measures, ideally a crossing, could make this area significantly safer.

One of our Parents has kindly offered to take this issue up with Braintree District Council; they explained that such control measures are only considered after a fatal incident. This, of course, is unacceptable. We want to prevent a tragedy rather than simply sit back and wait for one to happen.

The problem that we face is that Essex County Council has made no secret of the fact that they are looking to cut road safety services around the County to make financial savings. Some Pedestrian Crossings have had their ‘Lollipop Ladies’ taken away. To that end we will be holding a petition in the School Office; we will try to collect as many signatures as possible in an attempt to encourage Braintree District Council to take action and consider traffic calming measures before it is too late. We cannot guarantee a successful resolution, but to do nothing and wait for an accident is a gamble we cannot afford to take.

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