Important Information: Parents/Carers and Photography in School

FacebookAs a school we have a duty to take great care when it comes to the publication of photographs of children.

Our permission system works well – every child in the school can have their photograph taken for publication (without names). This means that parents/carers can take photographs of their own children in performances and assemblies. It has come to my attention however that photographs are beginning to appear on Facebook of Holy Trinity events and, in some cases staff and other children are included. I realise that this is not being done deliberately or with any form of malice, but our messages are clear:

  • You can only post/publish images of your own children on social media;
    If you want to publish an image of child (other than your own) on social media you can only do so if you have direct permission from their parent/carer;
    You should not post a picture of a teacher/employee of Holy Trinity Primary School on social media.

Ultimately, if this practice does not cease, I will have no choice other than to ban photographs being taken during assemblies, performances and school events.

This may seem excessive and unduly harsh, but if our school does not take proportionate action to prevent images of children being shared without parental permission we would be abdicating our responsibilities.

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