Litter in Beridge Road – Update

HTPS BadgeI would just like to update you regarding the letter I received from Braintree District Council and litter outside the school.

I spoke to a ‘Technical Director’ in the Environmental Health Department. It transpires that there have been two complaints. I also asked if The Children’s Centre had also been notified of the complaints. It transpires that Environmental Health were unaware that there is a Children’s Centre in Halstead!

I have been monitoring the ‘litter’ over the last week or so and, in all honesty, I have not seen as much as a crisp packet. I did however see one or two burst bin bags in Beridge Road so again I have alerted Braintree District Council and pointed out that this could be part of the problem. They have accepted this possibility.

Ultimately, I do not think that Braintree District Council have handled this issue terribly well!

Mr. Smith

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