Hedgehog Class’s Activities (Wk Beg 13.10.14)

A wonderful week in Hedgehog Class. We have been continuing our Literacy work based upon the story of "Percy the Park Keeper" and our theme "If you go down to the woods today". We have been thinking about where we can search for information and have explored using books and the internet to find information about animals.
Further to this we have considered different woodland animals and discussed their habitat and diet etc. We returned to the events of the story and discussed how the animals rebuilt their home. We talked about the tools they used and our own experiences of using tools at home. We have started to select tools and resources to create a home for a mouse. The children have considered how to measure and cut bolsa wood to create a cube shaped home. The children have been using their imaginations and knowledge of the Percy story to retell the story using puppets.
We have also been thinking about the environment and growth. We have looked at different seeds and the children thought about which seed might grow into which plant.
We are continuing our work on letters and numbers within the classroom, practising our number formation and introducing new sounds.
We are looking forward to seeing many of you during parents evening!

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