End Of Half Term Round-Up

Our first half term has gone so quickly! Special praise must go to our new children in the Hedgehog Class – they have settled in so quickly and watching them move around the school so sensibly and calmly it is hard to believe that they are in their first year of formal schooling! Well done Hedgehogs, keep it up!

Our big focus in school this year is handwriting and the presentation of work in books. I am asking all our teachers to have really high expectations of children and their presentation – we expect their best effort in every single lesson. Furthermore, I have been carrying out regular spot checks on exercise books throughout the school.

Although computers and word processing are an integral part of life in modern society I am also of the opinion that good handwriting can, in some instances, make a superb first impression. To further raise the profile of handwriting I have introduced the ‘Excellent Presentation’ badge (see below) and I hope that this will inspire many children to work on their handwriting skills and general presentation. Parents and Carers can help at home by ensuring that children write regularly, even if it is writing a shopping list or copying out their spelling lists two or three times a week – every little helps!

I would like to thank you all for the way in which you have supported our drive to improve attendance. Our attendance has been (historically) in the bottom 20% of all schools nationally – our improvements should see us move rapidly out of this category. Our attendance for the 2013-14 Academic Year was 95.8% – this is a marked improvement on our 2012-13 figure (93.6%)

We are holding two Parent Consultation Evenings this week, I hope that you find the sessions informative and I am sure that you will find them very positive and complimentary about your children and their progress!

Please remember that school is closed to pupils on Friday 24th October and that we return to school after half term on Monday 3rd November.

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