Hedgehog Class’s Activities (Wk Beg 1.12.14)

An exciting week in Hedgehog Class, with the arrival of our Christmas Tree and the start of our advent Calendar we are all getting very excited about Christmas! This week every child has made their own Christmas Pudding decoration for our Christmas Tree (this will be coming home for your tree at the end of term). We have also been thinking about the gifts we might like for Christmas and have used our phonic skills to write a list for Father Christmas. We have been reading numbers and using our counting skills this week by making different numbered objects out of play dough. We have had lots of fun role playing in our new Gingerbread Grotto.

We are continuing our work on letter and number formation, focusing on the letter ‘n’ and revisiting the number ‘6’. Perhaps your child can identify numbers around the home!
We are sure you have all been practising our song for the Christmas production this week as the children are singing it beautifully! Remember to let us know which animal your child will be and send in a labelled costume asap. Many thanks.

Keep up the hard work Hedgehogs!

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