Don’t Miss Out On Paddington!

Paddington-BearOur visit to Cineworld in Braintree is rapidly approaching and we are yet to receive all the completed reply slips.

As the trip involves coach travel, if we do not have permission, your children will not be able to go. Furthermore, the coaches leave school at 9.00am, so we will not be able to telephone Parents/Carers for permission at the last minute.

As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter, the movie “Paddington” has been rated with a PG certification – as we have already obtained permission, but you would like your child to be withdrawn from seeing the film, please notify your child’s classteacher as soon as possible. Please note, if children are withdrawn we will not be able to offer an alternative film.

I hope that your children enjoy the visit, it should be a fabulous Christmas treat!

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