Hedgehog Class’ Activities (Wk Beg 07.12.14)

We are having a very festive time in Hedgehog Class. The rehearsals for our Christmas play have been super this week and all the children are putting on a great performance. In maths this week we have been working on our number recognition we have been identifying numbers on snowflakes and trying to find one more/less than that number. We have also been exploring pattern, using sweets to group and sort.
We have been very creative this week, we used our fine motor skills to cut and design our own snowflakes for our winter display. We have also started to create our very own 2D Snow Globes (which will be sent home next week).
We are looking forward to a VERY busy final week of term with many exciting activities including our performances of the Christmas Production, our trip to cinema and the Panto. Keep up the great work Hedgehogs!

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