Hedgehog Class’ Activities (Wk Beg 12.01.15)

Another fun packed week in Hedgehog Class. We have been reading the Julia Donaldson story, "The Gruffalo", the children discussed the story and thought of actions to accompany it. We then went on a nature walk to find things that might be useful to make a ‘Gruffalo’ display. The children really enjoyed exploring the natural environment. In maths we applied what we had seen on our nature display to create a nature collage but using 2D shapes to create the objects such as trees and flowers.
In Literacy we discussed the author’s detailed description of the Gruffalo and thought about how to write sentences to describe him. Following this the children used their phonic skills to write their own descriptive words and phrases.
We have continued our number and phonic work, focusing this week on the number 8 and forming the letter ‘d’. In letters and sounds we have revisited our prior learning and have introduced the diagraphs zz.qu and ch. Perhaps your child can practise forming these at home.

Keep up the hard work Hedgehogs!

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