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Bug Club - mq9rThe Bug Club update is complete! You can still access Bug Club via www.tabecat.com but the link has changed so if you have a direct bookmark on your computer at home you’ll need to update it.

A few points to note:

  • Children login the same way as before using the same school code (mq9r) and their own usernames and passwords.
    To access their books they need to click on the ‘My Stuff’ tab, which will have all their allocated books in.
    They won’t have anything in their library at the moment until, we believe, they have read some books using the new site.
    Past rewards have been removed in the transition but the children can earn coins to spend on new rewards by reading books and answering questions about them just as before.
    The official advice from Bug Club is that the site is now usable on iPads but not Android/Kindle Fire devices. Mr. Handy has accessed the site via his Android phone and, apart from the small screen size which isn’t an issue on a tablet, everything worked as it should. We suspect that because Android devices are less standardized than their Apple rivals Bug Club are being cautious about usability. Please do have a go with whatever device/s you have at home and let us know how you get on.

Although fundamentally the same Bug Club has been updated and improved in a number of ways which may take a short while to get used to. If you have any problems please speak to me or your child’s class teacher.

Mrs Nethersole – Literacy Subject Leader


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