Hedgehogs This Week, 19-23 January

The Hedgehogs have continued reading the Gruffalo – this week they have been adding labels to the important features of the deep, dark word where the Gruffalo and the other animals live. Linked to the book, the Hedgehogs have made some fabulous Gruffalo cupcakes, decorated with a chocolate mouse! Today (Thursday) we used the Beebots to work on directions, instructions and describing locations using mathematical language (forwards, backwards, turn, left, right, back etc.). All the children were able to identify a location and then send the Beebot in the right direction!

In phonics we have been working on the diagraphs ch, sh and th – these sounds are all around us, so at home you could maybe try to identify words or objects that contain these diagraphs.

We hope that everyone enjoys their mouse cakes!

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