Hedgehogs – Lanyards Coming Home Tonight

This afternoon I presented the Hedgehogs with their lanyards – these are used by our children to display their personal school badge collections. They are fitted with quick-release clasps so they cannot be snagged or caught on obstacles.

There are a whole host of badges children can collect: Attendance, Sports Star, Bronze, Silver and Gold, Reading and many, many more. Most of the badges are awarded at the descretion of our teachers and sometimes they are reported in our School Newsletter (especially our WOW badges and academic awards).

Children can bring their lanyards into school, but we would suggest that they initially keep them in their book bags due to the busy and fast-paced way of life in the Hedgehog Class!

We have a booklet outlining how our badge sysem works; it is being updated and when it is complete I will ensure it is downloadable from our website.

Best wishes

Jon Smith (Headteacher)

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