Hedgehogs This Week, 26-30 January

This week the Hedgehogs have continued to look at the story of Gruffalo. Our focus this week has been the style and composition of the illustrations that are used throughout the book. We have asked the children to look in some detail at each page and pick out the common features of the deep, dark wood. To bring together their ideas the Hedgehogs have started creating a backdrop for their own Gruffalo puppet theatre in water colour paints. In addition to the construction, the children have been making their own cut out puppets to complement their theatre.

In literacy and language the Hedgehogs have been exploring rhyming words, both in spoken and written language; as you can see they’ve done some fabulous work! Gymnastics has been the focus of work in PE, exploring shapes, balancing and posture. Mr Wiskin also introduced the large apparatus and they worked exceptionally well on this new aspect of PE.

Finally, we have sent home some ‘homework’ for the Hedgehogs… In class we have been learning how to form the letter ‘o’ (always starting at the top!) and thinking of words that begin with ‘o’ – this homework is simply an extension of our work in class. Have a go and if you have any problems please don’t worry, see us next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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