E-Safety – Changing Contact Details

SAFER INTERNET DAY 2015How many contacts do you have on your phone or e-mail account? How far do they go back? How often do you check to make sure your contacts are up to date? I have hundreds of contacts that I’ve collected over the years —some in case I might need them in the future and some so I can avoid the call if ever the person phones me again! Adults don’t tend to change their contact details so often, and if they do phone, text or e-mail the wrong person by mistake it’s not the end of the world. For children it can be quite different. They tend to use hand-me-down phones, or switch SIM cards depending on which deal is better for their parents, or even give their old phone to a sibling or friend. And if they do find themselves messaging a wrong number they are, of course, far more vulnerable.

These are the e-safety tips we teach the in e-safety lessons:

  • Think carefully about who you give your phone number to.
    If you change your phone number make sure you tell your friends so they can update their contacts.
    If you haven’t contacted someone for a while make sure you’re sending to the right number before including any personal information.
    Don’t give out other people’s telephone numbers.
    Think twice about passing on, or receiving passed on SIM cards/phone numbers – it can lead to embarrassing and possibly dangerous situations.

And if you do call or text a wrong number?

  • Don’t give out any personal information.
    Block the number if you feel threatened in any way.
    Keep any inappropriate messages so you can show a trusted adult.
    You can always get a new number if it will make you feel safer.

If you or your children have any e-safety questions please do not hesitate to contact us at school and we’ll do our best to help.

Mr. Handy – Computing Subject Leader

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