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shoesAs the weather improves what the children wear on their feet changes.


During the winter months a lot of PE is planned for inside. Children can go barefoot for lessons and so shoe size isn’t critical. As we go outside however footwear needs to be worn and this is where there could be a problem. A sizeable number of children are coming to PE lessons with plimsolls or trainers that are the wrong size. Quite apart from being bad for the children’s feet this also causes them to trip over or slip as they run around during activities. Please make sure that your children have the right sized plimsolls or trainers for PE to keep them comfortable and safe.

Mr. Wiskin does not mind if children have trainers rather than plimsolls for PE but they should be non-marking and the right size. (It would also be good if they could do up their own laces!)


Lightweight, ‘slipper’-type footwear is fashionable and, as the weather improves, appeals to many of the children. Such footwear is not however suitable for wearing at school. Like Crocs and flip-flops such footwear does not stand up well to the use it gets at school during break times etc. and, as they are being worn for up to eight hours a day, not especially good for growing feet.

Although we choose not to take the hard line with uniform that so often causes conflict between home and school, we do place importance on the children looking smart and being ready to learn. Above all else though, these footwear requests come from wanting to keep your growing children comfortable and safe at school. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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