Changing The World One Cake At A Time!

comicAlfie in Year 6 is holding a cake sale after school on Thursday, with all proceeds going to Comic Relief.

The cakes will be on sale outside the school office (or in the hall if it’s raining) and will be priced at 30p each. If you would like to Bake for Comic Relief Alfie would welcome any cake donations – please bring them to the school office on Thursday.

Well done Alfie for this great idea!

WBDandCM2015Don’t forget it’s Holy Trinity’s special World Book Day & Red Nose Day Mashup on Thursday!

For World Book Day we will be having a Book Treasure Hunt. The children will work in mixed year groups to go around the school visiting each classroom where they will find/ be given clues linked to a certain book. They will need to work together to discover which book is represented in each classroom based on the clues that have been given.

A prize World Book Day Crossword is also being sent home for the children to complete with the help of family & friends.

For Comic Relief we are asking for a donation in exchange for coming to school with funny hair or a funny face! Face paints and, because there are three days over the long weekend for it to wash out, hair dye might be your thing. Or put your hair in a funny style. Or make some funny headgear. Or even just wear a red nose! It’s up to you!

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