Hedgehog Class 16th – 20th March

This week, we have focused all our learning around our visit from Dalemor Farm. The children had a great time learning about farm animals and it was an amazing opportunity for them to get some hands on experience with the animals.
At the start of the week, we used instruments to explore sounds that could represent farm animals.
After the farm visit we painted our favourite farm animal and tomorrow the children will be writing a fact to go with their paintings.
We are also practising our counting skills by counting out farm animals from a larger set of animals in the ‘farm yard.’. We are encouraging the children to line up the objects, counting carefully and re-checking to ensure they do not make errors.
The children have been using the scales to weigh animals and then order them by weight. They were all very confident at this and are becoming more familiar with the appropriate vocabulary of heavier, lighter, weight etc.
We are also looking at the names of baby animals and matching up young animals to their Mothers.
The children have been having lots of discussions about how to care for animals and what they need to do to keep them healthy. We then thought about other living things and how to look after them. As a result, the children asked to plant some seeds. They had a great time gardening and the children will be taking responsibility for watering and caring for the plants over the next few months.
Well done Hedgehog Class!

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