A Message From Mr Smith

Dear Parents, Carers and Friends

I am so pleased to be back in school, everyone has made me feel so welcome and incredibly well supported through this difficult time.

I have been truly moved by all the cards and messages I received after the death of my wife Caroline. Although as a family we are heartbroken over our loss, your kindness, thoughts and best wishes have provided us with so much comfort.

Thank you so much for the donations that were made to the Willow Foundation – a charity that fulfils special days for seriously ill young adults. The Willow Foundation sent our family to Legoland after Caroline had recovered from her first bout of chemotherapy and do the same for so many other families. We had a great time and I can still remember how much pleasure Caroline got from seeing our children so happy and smiling!

I needed to take some time to care for my children and give myself a little time to try and get over my wife’s death. Although still heartbroken at losing Caroline, I do feel ready to return to work and, quite frankly, I missed Holy Trinity because it has been such an enormous part of our lives for the last decade. I have felt better being back at work with my friends and colleagues who have been such a source of strength and support over the last two months.

In my absence, the team have worked wonders. It is so reassuring to see that our work has carried on and our children continue to do their best, work hard and make a positive contribution to our community. I would like to express my thanks to you all, staff, children, governors and parents for the way in which you have continued to show faith and confidence in our work. In particular, I would like to thank Jakki Sibley for leading Holy Trinity through this incredibly difficult period. Her hard work and dedication has meant that I have been able take care of my four children and deal with my own grief without worrying about work – I will be forever grateful to her and our staff for the support they have given me.

I have talked to the children in assembly today about Caroline. I have explained how I feel and why I had to be away from work. I have also explained to them that although there are times when I do feel sad and emotional, I am still here for them and to help them. They should never feel that they cannot approach me with their problems for the fear or burdening me or causing me distress – I am still, and will always be, here for them.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the Easter holidays and that you are looking forward to the new term. The summer term is always busy, but also great fun. I am looking forward to seeing the children take part in their Sports Days and other activities such as the Year 5/6 School Journey, but above all I am looking forward to seeing our children with smiles on their faces and enjoying their learning, because after all, that’s what life should be about.

Best wishes

Jon Smith (Headteacher)

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