Hedgehog Class 5th – 8th May 2015

Although it was only a 3 day week at school, we managed to squeeze lots of fun and interactive learning activities into our week.
We have moved our topic onto ‘Doctors and Nurses’ now and the children have loved working and playing in the Doctor’s Surgery and Pharmacy. Last week we learnt about the human body. The children worked hard to write labels and stick them onto their friend’s bodies. We also looked at the skeleton, naming major bones and then using pasta to create representations of our own skeletons.
We re-visited doubling this week and used our fingers and paints to solve doubling problems. The children all helped double the ambulances during a ‘busy day’ at the hospital.
The children worked with Mrs Lee on the laptops, playing a super hospital labelling game on Purple Mash.
In P.E, the children are completing athletics activities, such as long jump, javelin and hurdling. They loved using the indoor hurdles on Tuesday, taking care not to knock any hurdles down.
Well done to you all. We hope you enjoyed your extra days at home with your family. Don’t forget to send us in some ‘WOW Slips’ so we know how your child is getting on at home. Thank you.

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