Hedgehog Class’s Activities (Wk beg 8.06.15)

What a fantastic week in Hedgehog Class! In Numeracy we have been reinforcing teen numbers and practicing our letter formation. We have followed these skills through into our Literacy work to practice the formation of the letter ‘j’. We have also used our phonic skills to attempt to write an incident for Firefighters, perhaps you can ask your children what information might be included in an incident report.

This afternoon we were very lucky to have a visitor in Hedgehog Class. Firefighter Martin Hills came to see us and told us all about being a firefighter. We were able to look at all the equipment needed to safely tackle a fire – and Mrs King was able to try out the kit! We also discussed how to prevent fires and what we should do in an emergency. I am sure the children will be keen to tell you all about it.

During his visit, Martin asked the children if they had smoke alarms at home, a number of children said they did not have one in their house. Martin has shown the children what a smoke alarm looks like and where to look for it. If in fact you do not have a fire alarm in your house the fire service are able to install one for you, free of charge. Please do let us know is this is something you would be interested in.

Keep up the excellent work Hedgehogs!

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