An Amazing Start!

It has been so good to see our children settle so quickly after the Summer break. Our Year 6’s are stepping up into their new role as leaders around the school – a visitor this week (on Wednesday) was full of praise for our children and they way they work so purposefully and calmly. Well done everyone!

I would also like to give special praise to our new children in Foundation – it seems like they have been here forever. On Monday morning they sat in absolute silence and listened intently – most unusual for a group of four-year olds! The same visitor also remarked on their maturity and the way they seemed so settled – Well done Hippo’s!

In the next week or so we will be releasing the dates for a few trips and visits that we have planned for the Autumn Term. For parents who are unaware of our approach, we make every effort to keep the cost of trips and visits to a minimum. In fact, we subsidise nearly all school educational visits from the school budget. Trips are expensive due to the ever-rising cost of coach travel; our transport providers are often forced to charge more each year due to the cost of fuel and subsequent fuel taxes.

Contributions towards these educational visits are voluntary, but if we do not receive sufficient contributions, we would have no option but to cancel the visit. In the ten years I have been at Holy Trinity we have never been forced to cancel a visit and I will do all I can to avoid such eventualities. If you find it impossible to contribute to a trip, visit or event, please come and see me. There are ways in which we can help and any issues we discuss relating to financial problems will remain confidential. If you want your child to take part, and you sign the permission slip, we can nearly always work out a solution!

Finally, it has been wonderful to see children looking smart in their new uniforms but please make sure that they are clearly labeled. It is so difficult to re-unite children with their jumpers, cardigans and shoes when they aren’t labeled.

Enjoy your weekend.

Jon Smith

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