Solar Schools Fundraising Update – 12% There!

We are delighted to announce that we have already raised over 10% of our £10,010 Solar Schools target!

In addition to the Sponsorship Package announced earlier in the week there have been a series of donations from fundraising events recently. Mrs Horwood, the PTFA Treasurer, provided me with the exact totals last night.

So, big “Thank Yous” to:

Paris & Tia – Their Cake Sale raised a total of £162.30!2015-11-06 09.54.23

Yildiz & Elmas – They collected up all their loose change and put £6.10 in the fund!

Mrs Wilkin ran a Craft Event during half term and donated the profit of £65!

Joshua did a sponsored litter pick during half term and raised an amazing £126.30!

“Stuart Betchley Maintenance and more” donated £50 in support of the campaign!

All these donations mean our total now stands at £1,245!

This is an amazing start, so thank you to everyone who has helped.

Keep an eye out for news of a couple of new Sponsorship Packages, and on Monday we launch “The Danceathon”!


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