Hippo Class’ Activities (Week Beginning 23.11.15)

The children have been involved in all sorts of exciting activities this week. They began the week with a ‘danceathon’ and had a fantastic time! The fun then continued on Tuesday when Natasha Stride (author of The Goobie) came to visit the children. They really enjoyed hearing about her book and her experiences as a writer. This has also helped to broaden their understanding of reading.

In the classroom we have continued our work on ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The children iced biscuits to create wonderful caterpillar faces, talking about shapes and using their positional language. They also thought about favourite foods which they would choose to munch through, designing their own plates of food with labels.

In Little Explorers we thought about the habitat of a caterpillar and found natural resources to make our own ‘cosy’ caterpillar homes.

Well done Hippos!

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