Digital Photography Competition – Longlist

During the Autumn Term, a number of Year 5/6 pupils took part in Digital Photography Club after school. Each week we looked at something new: picking a subject; framing & cropping; close ups; action & movement; depth; and editing & effects. At the end of the course the children chose what they believed to be their best 3-4 images and submitted them to the long list you can see below. The judges (the staff) have voted on their favourites and on Wednesday we will announce the shortlist of six that came top in their vote. Then, semi-professional photographer Michael Murphy will choose a winner, to be announced in WOW Assembly on Monday 11th January.

All photos are named anonymously, so only the children themselves and Mr. Handy (who has taken no part in the voting) know whose photos are whose.

I think you’ll agree there are some fabulous photos here, and we hope you enjoy looking at them. (Clicking on the first image brings up a slideshow.)


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