Science Theme Lunch – Booking Deadline Tomorrow!

On Thursday 21st January we are holding a special Science Theme Lunch where every child who has a school dinner on will receive a free gift!!!

Because it is a special lunch, complete with free gift, we need to know in advance how many children to prepare for. This means that, just like Christmas lunch, you must book this lunch in advance, and the deadline is tomorrow: Wednesday 13th January.

Even children in Foundation and Key Stage 1 (and other children who receive Free School Meals) must order their Science Theme Lunch by tomorrow, or else bring a packed lunch on the day.

It would be great to have as many children as possible having a school lunch on this special day, so please consider ordering a lunch even if your child usually has a packed lunch.

ScienceThe menu is below:

Radioactive Pizza

with DNA Pasta.

Salad Bar – consisting of

Laboratory Salad, Skeleton Salad & Constellation Crackers.

(V) As Above.


Frogs & Wiggly Snake in Jelly.

Ice Cream with Sprinkles or Atomic Muffins.

Fruit Modules.

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