Hippo Class’ Activities (Week Beginning 18.01.16)

Another brilliant week this week, working with our new superhero text ‘Supertato’. The children have been reading the story of the evil peas and learning why some vegetables should definitely be kept frozen!

In keeping with the themed lunch on Thursday, we have enjoyed lots of science activities this week. The children have investigated freezing and melting, exploring how they could release captured vegetables from ice. They have also looked at how substances can change over time and in different conditions, collecting numbers and letters from a big vat of jelly.

Using their superhero vehicles they have rescued food from around the playground, just like Supertato, and considered which foods might make a healthy, balanced diet. To top it all off all the Hippos have made their very own Supertato model, which they are all very proud of. Don’t forget to rescue them from your book-bags children!

Well done Hippos!

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