Hippo Class’ Activities (Week Beginning 25.01.16)

The children have really enjoyed working with our focus text ‘Supertato’ again this week. They are so enthusiastic and join in retelling, predicting and exploring the text and characters.

This week we used the story to focus on characterisation and the use of speech in stories. The children carefully labelled the main characters and thought what they might say to one another. There were some lovely creative captions based on ideas from the book and some children even started to use finger spaces, capital letters and exclamation marks with a little guidance – fantastic!

We have also focused on 2D shape this week. The Hippos have created wonderful superheroes from multi-coloured shapes, naming and describing each piece. We have tried to learn and use lots of maths vocabulary, such as side, corner and length. We then consolidated this in our Little Explorers session, discovering shapes in our environment and creating large human shapes using ribbons.

Well done Hippos – keep up the hard work!

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