Hippo Class’ Activities (Week Beginning 22.02.16)

A great first week back for Hippo class, continuing our Superhero theme. This week our focus text has been Super Duck, which has led our learning towards super animals and kites!

The children have designed and created their own super creature, carefully labelling their picture or adding a sentence about their superpowers. As part of their literacy work they have also continued work on their phonics and letter formation.

In maths we have focused on subtraction. Kites ‘flew’ around the table as the children counted and subtracted various amounts, beginning to record their ideas.

Kites literally did fly as we ventured outside in Little Explorers. We investigated how kites work and which parts they need, then created, tested and improved our own individual kites. The children had a wonderful time!

Hopefully there will be more wind at the weekend however, so they can test them at home with you!

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