In Years 2-5? Enjoy Computing? Apply To Join Team Tabecat!

teamtabecatbadgeTabecat is our e-safety mascot and was created by Holy Trinity pupils a few years ago. Team Tabecat is a group of children who help out around school with all things Computing-related.

When the current Year 6 leaves we will be left with just a small number of Team Tabecat members.
If you would like to be considered as a member, helping me with the installation, updating and testing of software and hardware, and helping out in classrooms, please fill in the form below. Being a Team Tabecat member does not require regular attendance at a meeting, but the odd lunchtime will be required and if you sign up you are expected to come along and help when asked. You also get a very exclusive metal badge, and your picture up in the school entrance hall!

Applications are open to Years 2-5 so we have a range of Junior children for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Not everybody who applies to become a member of Team Tabecat will be selected (I tried that once and there were just too many people…) but I will choose some of you based on your answers below AND your Computing skills in class. I don’t necessarily need the best children at Computing, but I do need those with the best attitude.

Here’s the link!

You will need to login with your school e-mail address to get access. (If there is another Google Account open in the browser already you will have to temporarily log out of that one first.) If you have any difficulties at all DON’T PANIC! – I will go over all this in classes next week.

The closing date for these forms is Friday 18th March so you have 2 weeks to enter your application.

Have fun!

Mr. Handy

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