Digital Photography Competition – Results

Apologies for the delay in posting the results of the Digital Photography Competition but here they are with comments from final judge, Michael Murphy, in italics.


1st – Diya. I liked this image for various reasons.  Firstly it feels quite claustrophobic and gives me an impression of being trapped due to both the padlock and the spider web.  Second we have a lot of heavy metal, rust and decay taking up the scene, which is offset by the delicate web.  I also like the sunlight cast on to the strands of the web.



2nd – Christopher. An everyday scene that I wouldn’t take much notice of has become much more captivating due to the rotation and use of filters.   My mind thinks it is looking at what must be a reflection, and I’m compelled to keep looking at it in an attempt to figure out what the reflective surface is.



3rd – Megan. This image has great focus for such a small subject, in both the flower and the single blades of grass surrounding it.  It also has wonderful depth of field that blurs out the rest of the scene and pulls focus firmly into the foreground.



Commended – Ted. When I first saw this I thought I was stood in Paris looking up at the Eiffel Tower…and then I found out this was partially true, as a different image in the competition shows that this is indeed a model of the Eiffel Tower.  I like the leading lines pulling me into the image.



Commended – Phoebe & Annie. The subject is posed excellently within the frame of the window, and I really like the light balance throughout the image.  It would have been very easy in a scene such as this to have the wrong areas underexposed and I think the light has been controlled very well here. Had the horizontal lines been actually horizontal it would have lifted this image even further – something to look out for next time.


Commended – Tom. I have no idea what’s being used for the framing of this shot, but I love it. Perfect focus, nice light and just a great portrait overall…well done.


Commended – Harley. This is such a fun image.  I like the angle of the scene and the motion in the subject jumping.  The fact there doesn’t even appear to be a ball just makes it even more fun.


Well done to all our winners, who each received a print of their photo in an assembly earlier this year, and all the children who took photos during the course of the after school club. Thank you too to Michael, who judged the final places and was very impressed with the quality of photographs the children took.




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